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Grazing marsh

Found mainly in the eastern half of the East Lindsey District Council area grazing marsh is a mixed habitat of grassland, drainage ditches, fen and reedbed. The characteristic feature of which is periodic wetting, and traditionally grazing by cattle.

Grazing marsh is important for wildlife as this complex of habitats and type of management is ideal for breeding waders. The reduction in area of this habitat is thought to be a threat to birds, particularly internationally protected birds. For more on the description of grazing marsh and their status in Greater Lincolnshire see the Farmland and Grassland Nature Strategy page.

As a complex of habitats that may be found on different soil types grazing marsh and its condition is difficult to determine in the field. Water levels, inundation and use by birds are all key factors. Local knowledge of the area over time is important.

The following are links to good practice on managing grazing marsh for wildlife. Although primarily managed for birds advice for other species groups is available, in alphabetical order below:

  • Buglife – a webpage describing the habitat, its threats and management techniques to help invertebrates
  • RSPB – a webpage, associated downloadable resources and weblinks for specific species management for rewetting grassland. Information includes types of soils, topography, water levels, water supply and habitat management