Achieving more for nature

Your land

Whether you have a small garden, 10,000 hectares of farmland or you are interested in making the development in your town better for nature there is something in this section for you.

Things to do

As stated in the National Planning Policy Framework, development should minimise impact and provide net gains where possible. An attractive site will also help with saleability and could improve prices. There are many ways in which this can be achieved and a multitude of information sources.

To help maximise the benefits it would be best if applicants provided details of proposed enhancements, informed by ecological advice, with their planning application. The planning authority may attach planning conditions to ensure that the enhancements are implemented.

Smaller developments that do not have a dedicated ecologist may struggle the most in achieving enhancements. In order to help the GLNP is working with developers to fill this gap. If you would be interested in helping to develop this using your site or have any thoughts on whether this would be useful please contact us.